Gallery of 3D images created using 3ds max


  [Architecture] Kisogawa Bridge, Japan
11 images Nov 23,2002 up
  [Architecture] King Khalid International Airport Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
5 images Nov 23,2002 up
  [Still picture] The rendering of the transparent glass was carried out.
11 images Sep 9,2002 up
  [Architecture] Buildings of Shiodome,Tokyo JAPAN
11 images Aug 18,2002
  [Architecture] Saitama Axis land tower Saitama,JAPAN
6 images May 7,2002
  [Architecture] Ryugyong Hotel (Pyongyang, Democratic People's Republic of Korea) Height 300m 984ft 105F
11 images Aug 15,2002
  [Nature] Mt.PAEKDUSAN 2750m Democratic People's Republic of Korea
15 images Sep 1,2002
  [Nature] The Earth
12 images Aug 11,2002
  Movie "2001: A Space Odyssey"
Reappearance of the 'Space Station 5'.
7 images May 5,2002 up
  Movie "2001: A Space Odyssey"
Reappearance of the 'Discovery'.
16 images May 6,2002 up
  [Fantasy] The architecture of the fancy which looked at my dream.
7 images Sep 25,2002 up
  [Nature] Various mountains..
3 images Sep 9,2002
  [Architecture] ''Taiyo-no-toh' (Sun Tower) of EXPO'70 (Osaka,JAPAN)
20 images Jul 20,2002
  [Architecture] 'Taiyo-no-toh' (Sun Tower) of EXPO'70 (Osaka,JAPAN)
9 images Apr 25,2002

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